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Meet the Team

ASK Steve Glover the secret to his success and he'll point to the team that works with him every day. Having an extensively stocked shop is one thing, he says - having a staff with extensive experience and expertise is another.

Steve Glover

Steve's love of boating began, as is often the case in this country and with this pastime, when he was very young. Holidays, he recalls, were either spent on the water - or on the road getting to the water, until, that is, the boats got too big to tow. Then it was simply a matter of climbing on board and heading out to sea. He loved boating, he says, because of the "sense of adventure" it offered and "the chance to get away from it all." And even though running a very successful business means not having as much time to get away from anything these days, that same sense of escapism and adventure remain the two things that make him so passionate about boating. While whole weekends on the water might just be the stuff of dreams, Wednesday night racing is a firm fixture on Steve's calendar. You can spot him putting his father's Davidson 38, "Sabian," through its paces on the waters of Tauranga harbour. 


Tina Glover

Tina has been with Steve's Marine Supplies since the beginning. She is mainly in the background now days helping with training and administration.